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Ultimate Mario Run is a pretty addictive online running game about our favorite Mario character. In this game you have to escape from the pacman-like angry creature who is chasing you and trying to swallow. You must complete different stunts and face different enemies to complete the main quest - reach the finish flag. It is probably the best running game about Mario I have ever played so just give it a try.

In fact, Ultimate Mario Run is an ordinary mario game where you have a few moments to make your decision. For example, if you remember the original Super Mario Bros, there you had power to stop and think how to overcome an enemy. In this game you have no chance to make a mistake - you just run all the time and try not to fall down, while the angry pacman is chasing you. Keep in mind that the game has only 5 levels but all of them are really difficult. The game is becoming more and more difficult as you progress so be prepared. The number of enemies also becoming bigger so your every move is very important. Enjoy the game at our website and don't foget to share your thoughts about it below.

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