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Unfair Mario is one of the most difficult games about Mario that you will ever play. In this game everything is not what it seems to be. Let me explain - the obstacles are everywhere and this fact makes the game pretty difficult. The tube may be a deadly trap or a brick may be a spike that kills you within a moment. Your only weapon is your memory - you have to remember the exact locations of traps to overcome them. Enjoy the new version of Unfair Mario at our website as well as other popular online games.

The gameplay is pretty simple - you control your character using the arrow keys and try not to hit any enemy on your way. In comparison to the original game, there are several new types of enemies available and not all of them can die if you jump on them. My advice is just to keep away from them. Another thing that you must keep in mind is the bonus mushrooms which were supposed to add one life in the original game series - here those mushrooms can sometimes have poison so better keep away from them too. In fact, Unfair Mario is not a game which can make you addicted to it because of the interesting levels, it is a game which will make you mad so be prepared. The full version of the game is available at our website, so try it and leave your review below.

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