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Cat Mario is one of those retro games which are popular always, no matter how many time passed from the date of release. The game is a remake of the original Super Mario Bros where the main character is a small white cat which has to deal with new kind of enemies and numerous hidden traps. The game is pretty difficult and most people fail to complete even one level of the game. Try yourself in Cat Mario and complete the journey of small white cat.

There are several rules which you should follow if you want to achieve success in this game. Try to jump high over the tubes because sometimes there is an enemy hiding inside it. If you jump high enough, the enemy will fail to kill you. You should also be very careful with the bricks - some of them may fall down when you run under them, while some of them can spawn enemies if you break them. In most cases, speed is your main weapon against the hidden enemies so be prepared. One more thing that you should know about Cat Mario is the fact that the power-ups like mushrooms are mostly dangerous here. If you get them you may die. The tubes are also dangerous - if you get inside them, you will just die. In the end, the only way to achieve success is to remember all the hidden traps and obstacles on your way to finish. Have fun with us and don't forget to share your thoughts about the game below.

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