Starblast Io

In Starblast io space is not peaceful, nor the endless void. In this Io arena game, space is an excellent intergalactic battleground! Lasers, asteroids spaceships, as well as many new features are waiting for you in this online multiplayer game. Set up your shields and try out your laser guns and allow the endless space to surround you! In the vast universe of You have many reasons to go after the entire world!

In this game of IO the primary goal is to explore the dangerous space inside your vessel and destroy the other players as well as asteroids. By killing other players and destructing asteroids will give you gems. Gems are the primary currency in the universe! They can be used to upgrade your ship or to purchase secondary weapons. Fully equipped! Once your gem cargo is fully stocked it is possible to change your vessel to one of the two levels of ships. There are currently seven tiers and a total of 32 ships that are available! Are you ready to jump into the action? There are four game modes to select on the main menu. They include survival and deathmatch, team mode and invasion. The survival mode (aka Free-for-all) is about mining asteroids in order to gather crystals. The crystals can be used to improve the level of your vessel. The ultimate goal of the game mode is to stay alive through the time until your survival phase starts and then be the sole survivor to claim victory. In Team mode, you are able to join any of three factions. You must work together with your team members and eliminate the space stations of your enemies. The game of Deathmatch lets you attempt to eliminate the most players you can in order to stay clear of the fire of their opponents. Invasion mode is when you join forces with other players to try to defeat a horde of NPC aliens.

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