Little Big Snake

Little Big Snake is a multiplayer IO game that lets you develop an animal! Consume the food and bugs to grow your snake and trying to avoid other snakes. The most popular snake game develops more features that are similar to those found in similar games that have been successful such as Slither and Worms Zone.The primary game that is played in Little Big Snake is to consume food and develop your snake. These glowing objects and nectars are your food source. They are scattered across the landscape in bugs, inside them, and even left behind by snakes who have gone extinct. Consuming any of these items can increase the size of your snake and boost speed without altering the size of your snake.

The most efficient way to develop to become the most powerful snake through taking on larger snakes and bugs. Larger bugs usually drop upgrades which, in one form or another, enable the player to move faster, giving you a limited time benefit.
Little Big Snake has the simplicity of a traditional snake IO game but has an additional level of difficulty to make the game more fun long-term.Engaging in games can increase your skill and rewards you with chests with diverse rewards such as gold. Also, you'll earn achievements which give you the game's rewards. The process of gaining gold and increasing your level allows you to buy upgrades using an evolution screen. It is a tree of skills with a range of incremental upgrades available. It is possible to increase the the rate of growth and energy recovery by eating, as well and much more.
Further evolution upgrades can be unlock when you attain the higher levels. The best part is that these upgrades can be used in all games you enjoy!

Little Big Snake
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