Jelly Mario

Mario is completely made out of Jelly!

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Jelly Mario : About The Game

Jelly Mario

There are so many different remakes and version of the original Super Mario Bros, that many people just can't say which one is the favorite one. Today I would like to intoduce a really unique remake which is called Jelly Mario and believe me, you have never played anything like this before. As the name of the game suggests, it is about jelly...well here everything is made out of jelly. I can't say that this game is very addictive one or the best remake of the original mario game I have ever played, but I am sure it is worth trying. The game is pretty difficult because here every object including our character, enemies and even tubes are made of jelly. As a result, moving your character is rather tricky challenge : you have to use the arrow buttons to stretch the jelly and this way move around. The enemies are also made of jelly but they are pretty difficult to kill : I would recommend just to keep away from them.

How To Play Jelly Mario

You know, there are some types of games where the gameplay is rather difficult. Jelly Mario is one of those games, where you have to spend some time until you find out how to move the character. The mission of the player in each level of the game is simple - reach the final flag and make another step towards the rescue of the princess. In fact, this game is created for those who really love the universe of super mario and gives another chance to help the character complete quests in completely different environment. Keep in mind that the game is only available for Browser on your PC - you can't enjoy the game on your smartphones. That's a real disadvantage because most people love to play such games on their smartphones. One more thing that you must know about this game is that the graphics is not smooth and sometimes the game may be a bit laggy - there is no problems with your pc, it's the lags of the game itself. I am not the one who suggests playing Jelly Mario and spend hours to complete all levels but I am the one who ask you to try something new and get new gaming experience with your favorite character. The full version of the game is available at our website for free so just enjoy the game with us.

It is very interesting fact that after so many years the super mario games are still popular and the developers still aim to create some new games or remakes of the original game series. Our website is motly dedicated to those game so you can browse other games too to find something new. Most of the games which were created using Flash are now also available at our website using the latest emulators so you can enjoy the favorite retro games for free. Even though that the Jelly Mario is pretty interesting game, I think that there are so many other games about the universe of mario. Our team is working hard to create the biggest portal of those games so stay tuned.

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